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Photo courtesy Red Truhitte, Morro Bay, CA

The Project -- The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee

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New Futures has investigated the site and determined that only about half of it could be developed since some areas are designated to other uses, hold cultural resources, or are environmentally sensitive.  Recognizing these constraints, the committee seeks to identify potential uses for the property given these possible scenarios regarding the future of the site.

Three Possibilities
1. No Change -- Under this scenario the plant continues to operate under contract from PG&E.  However, there may be an opportunity for the City to discuss the tank farm area which is currently not being used.

Site for new plant
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1. First Scenario - No Change

2. New Power Plant -- LS could take the decision to demolish the existing plant and build a new and efficient plant on the site.  LS Power has not made a final decision on the future of the modernization project as yet.  A new plant is proposed to be built at the location of the existing tank farm.  The opportunity here is that the property where the existing plant resides could become available.  The City will be involved with the master planning of this area.

2. Second Scenario - New Power Plant - this map highlights the area that would become available for alternative uses

3. Plant Closure -- The entire property could become available.  The cost of clearing the land would have to be factored into the overall value of the property.  With the plant out of operation, there would also be a possibility that adjacent property owned by PG&E could become available (all or in part).

3. Third Scenario - Plant Closure - This map highlights the area (tank farm) that would become available for alternative uses

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View of back bay from power plant, Morro Bay, CA The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee
View of back bay from power plant, Morro Bay, CA


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