NEW Futures Committee -- Minutes -- August 7, 2006


NEW Futures Committee

Meeting Notes

August 7, 2006


Attendees:     Cathy Novak             Thad Baxley              Homer Alexander

                        Bill Newman             Henrietta Groot         Rick Sauerwein

                        John Meyers             Melody DeMeritt       Jeff Odell

                        Rachel Aljilani          Bill Robinson                        Umet Toker

                        Mike Lucas


Bill Robinson called the meeting to order at exactly 4:30.


1.  Suzi Schultz and Larry Newland have resigned with regret.  Jeff Odel has joined the Committee and will also participate in the Communications Working Group.


2.  Ton Jones (is that his last name) from PG&E will be a guest at our August 21 meeting.


3.  Mike introduced Umet Toker who is a Cal Poly professor with expertise in organizing community input and planning for major projects such as ours.  Umet outlined his approach and discussion centered on how to involve Umet in our project.  The Communications team will contact Umet for further discussions and to invite participation by some of his students (attend the September 30 workshop).


4.  We all bought tee shirts.


5.  The Committee agreed to open our new web site.  Members were urged to give it one more review asap.  Bill Newman presented a press release announcing the new site.


6.  Now that we have some money, expenses reimbursement can be claimed from the city.  Invoices and receipts should be presented to (I missed the name of the person?)


7.  Regulation The report was deferred to the next meeting.  It will focus on what will be presented at the September Workshop.  As this Working Group has lost some members, the Site Group agreed to team up with Regulation for the time being.


8.  Site The layout for the first room at the Work Shop was presented.  The general plan is done and components are coming together.


9.  Bill Newman was going to follow up on reserving the Community Center for Friday,. September 29.


10.  Communications The advertising plan was reviewed.  Some cutting will be necessary to stay in budget.  Task assignments were made.  Follow up detail will be picked up at the Working Group meeting.


11.  The next meeting will be August 21.