NEW Futures Committee -- Minutes -- August 21, 2006


NEW Futures Committee

Meeting Notes

August 21, 2006


Attendees:     Jeff Odell                               Bill Newman                         Julie Tacker

                        Michael Lucas                      Rachel Aljilani                      Bill Robinson

                        Melody DeMeritt                   Kenneth Haggard                Thad Baxley

                        Homer Alexander                John Meyers


                        Rob Schultz                          Henriette Groot                     Tom Jones


1.  Tom Jones, PG&E, provided an overview and answered questions regarding the Morro Bay switch yard.  Key points follow:


2.  Discussion followed about the Yahoo discussion group.  Concern was expressed about content and timeliness of responses to questions.  John and Jeff have been made Moderators of the group.  They will coordinate responses and make sure the site is checked regularly for questions.  Care will be taken to include review for responses by necessary parties, for example, Rob for questions relating to the City and Cathy for questions relating to LS Power.


3.  The water bill insert was approved and will be  printed in time for the September water bill mailing.


4.  The flyer was discussed and some changes made.  Any other comments should be to Rachel by August 26.  It will be printed and ready for distribution by the end of the first week of September.


5.  Finance Working Group – A meeting is scheduled with LS Power to discuss assistance in obtaining grant funding.  Help is needed from LS Poser to address the site control issue.


6.  Regulatory Working Group – Report deferred to next meeting.


7.  Site Working Group – Much progress made in getting ready for the September 30 workshop.  The NEP has significant materials the will be useful the Site presentation.


8.  Communications Working Group – Elements on the critical path are being addressed on time.  In addition to all Committee members, we still need additional volunteers to assist art the workshop.  Volunteers are also needed to distribute flyers in Cayucos, Morro Bay and Los Osos.  Julie offered to arrange for a presentation at a Los Osos CSD meeting.  The promotion  plan including radio and television was discussed.


9.  The next meeting will be on TUESDAY, September 5 at the Community Center.