Morro Bay City Council Meeting -- October 24, 2005
Citizen’s Suggestions on How to Reuse the Duke Power Plant Site


The following is a summary of the comments received by the Council during an open public forum regarding the future use of the power plant site.





Suggested Uses


The following is a list of suggested uses in approximated ranking grouped as “most suggested”, “frequently suggested” and “mentioned”.  It is not possible to rank the suggestions with total accuracy as speakers in the second half of the meeting frequently said they supported “prior suggestions” without being more specific.


Most Suggested

Frequently Suggested






The speakers seemed to support a mixed used facility combining all or most of the “Most Suggested” and “Frequently Suggested” items above.  The general consensus was toward a “public and private partnership” to make Morro Bay an “example city” and use the property to create interactive experiences in the forms of maritime and marine museums, local Native American culture and history, Central Coast arts and industries (wine and agriculture) and a marine biology research center linked to Cal Poly.  This would all be built around a state of the art renewable resource power plant which would supply power to the site and the local community (and would also be part of the interactive experience).  In total this was described and making Morro Bay the “crown jewel tourist destination of the Central Coast.”



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