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Photo courtesy Red Truhitte, Morro Bay, CA

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NEW Futures Committee
Homer Alexander
Financial background;  Retired business owner
William Newman
Resident of Morro Bay for 43 years;  Worked with early group to create NEP
Patti Dunton
Descendant of Playano Salinan people;  Cultural resources/ presentations
William Robinson  Chairman of the NEW Futures Committee
Accounting degree, Business owner
Ken Haggard
Architect/sustainability;  Regional vision
Richard Sauerwein
Retired Navy officer;  Background in “base re-alignment”, environmental restoration, land use master plan.
Rachel Aljilani
Sustainability consultant;  Ken’s Alternate
 Julie Tacker
Director, Los Osos CSD;  Activist, has “land use bug”;  Loves research
Michael Lucas
Assoc. Dept Head – Arch, Cal Poly;  Adaptive reuse of structures (Baltimore and Cincinnati)
Thad Baxley
Councilmember;  Morro Bay City Council
John Meyers (co-moderator of Yahoo! Group)
Retired international banker
Melody DeMeritt
Councilmember;  Morro Bay City Council
Jeff Odell (joined committee 8-9-06)
(Communications Working Group)
The way to get involved with us is to Join or Subscribe to our "new-futures" Yahoo! Group - this is a PUBLIC open forum where you can ask any questions, get fast answers, contest other points of view, and interact with all committee members and interested members of the public.  This is a fast-paced non-bureaucratic forum where ideas are freely exchanged and exposed in public - just like in a town hall meeting but without the delays, limitations on speaking time or turns, or the need to assemble in person all at the same time. Go to or click one of the options below.  "Joining" gives you more rights than "subscribing," and requires registering for a free Yahoo! ID.  After you have subscribed or joined, you can post to the group by sending an e-mail to - content is not censored, but all posts are moderated to prevent spam and off-topic posts.  Get help on using Yahoo! Groups.

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If you want to make a private comment or suggestion to a committee member, please contact her or him directly, and make sure you indicate that your communications are confidential - the spirit of this committee is to reach consensus through open communications.  You will note that most (all) committee members have elected not to expose their e-mail addresses and/or phone numbers above - this is a strong indication from the committee that the preferred mechanism for communication is through the public Yahoo! Group.
If you want to send the committee something by postal mail, please use this address:
(to be provided)

Working Groups
1. Short Term Finance -- Identify sources and secure seed money to fund the activities of the Committee.  Funds will be used for general operating functions of the Committee such as transportation and supplies.  Funds could also be allocated to consultants or other professional assistance to help the Committee in developing a preliminary plan.  This is likely grant money.

2. Existing Site Research -- This working group will deal with the site itself.  How big is the site?  How much is usable (excluding the cultural, biological, and other constraints?  It will inventory and evaluate the architectural value and functionality of the buildings on the site.  The Working Group will identify lot lines, zoning, etc. of the plant site and adjoining properties including the switchyard and city-owned property.

3. Community Communications -- Obtain and document input from public and private sources including individuals, business groups, private organizations, local and regional government, regional industry and other stakeholders.  This Working Group will be responsible to communicate actions, progress and information to all interested parties and for the preparation and distribution of press releases.

4. Local, State and Federal Regulators and Other Interested Parties – Identify relevant regulatory entities, document their interests and concerns, determine their jurisdiction and regulatory power.

Tour of power plant - Morro Bay, CA The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee
Tour of power plant - Morro Bay, CA

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