Members of the Committee -- The North Embarcadero Waterfront (NEW) Futures Committee

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NEW Futures Committee
Homer Alexander
Financial background;  Retired business owner
William Newman
Resident of Morro Bay for 43 years;  Worked with early group to create NEP
Patti Dunton
Descendant of Playano Salinan people;  Cultural resources/ presentations
William Robinson  Chairman of the NEW Futures Committee
Accounting degree, Business owner
Ken Haggard
Architect/sustainability;  Regional vision
Richard Sauerwein
Retired Navy officer;  Background in “base re-alignment”, environmental restoration, land use master plan.
Rachel Aljilani
Sustainability consultant;  Ken’s Alternate
 Julie Tacker
Director, Los Osos CSD;  Activist, has “land use bug”;  Loves research
Michael Lucas
Assoc. Dept Head – Arch, Cal Poly;  Adaptive reuse of structures (Baltimore and Cincinnati)
Thad Baxley
Councilmember;  Morro Bay City Council
John Meyers (co-moderator of Yahoo! Group)
Retired international banker
Melody DeMeritt
Councilmember;  Morro Bay City Council
Jeff Odell (joined committee 8-9-06)
(Communications Working Group)