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From: Melody DeMeritt [demeritt04@[remove]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2006 8:47 AM
Subject: New Futures needs web developer
Hello all, The New Futures group is working hard to develop alternative plans for the power plant site in Morro Bay. We were appointed by the Morro Bay City Council. What we are looking from with this message is a website developer. We have all the writing and lots of photos and images to put up. However, we are not technically adept. And, we have no funding. Do any of you know someone who could/would develop a website for us and who would do it "out of the kindness of their heart" and a desire to assist Morro Bay?

Melody DeMeritt
New Futures Committee, Member

6-26-06 Hello New Futurians,
I sent out a call for a web developer for the New Futures Committee and Mike Baird (Morro Bay resident) immediately responded with his offer
to help. He has also offered a domain for the website
I will meet with him within the week to show him photos and site maps and mission statements, power point shows.
Thanks to John Meyer for being the historian for the group. Those materials will be useful.
Before we publish the site and make it available to the public, we will show it to the New Futures groups.

Melody DeMeritt
7-5-06 Hi Mike, I've been thinking and searching for all the material.  So far I've got this.  On the main/home page I would place the logo (attached) and the mission statement.  I would then add these links "who we are" (committee no contact), "The Project" (the phases in etc document and the 3 possibilities (site for new plant with that option photo)), "what you can do", and "contact us" -- We can flesh out more when we meet.  I'd try to put the logo in right top or bottom corner of every page.  Melody
7-5-06 Mike to Melody:  For how many months or years will you want the NEWFutures site hosted? Is this something that will be of interest in perpetuity, or in fact will you want the content excised after some prescribed period of time?  I'm thinking of getting the domain represented by the address - would that be of interest to your committee? (all the, org, and nets are taken, as are almost all two-word combinations of all words in the dictionary).  There are several technical advantages to having one's one domain name, not the least of which is better access to the content via search engines like Google... Also people can remember a domain name easier than a longer URL slash whatever.
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6-26-06 This is now a password protected page until ready for release to the public

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